Features & Benefits

Metastock DownloadYour free MetaStock download is a fully functional and reliable charting and technical analysis software package. It’s designed specifically for End Of Day, Real Time, and FOREX traders.

1) Trade Your Own Way

Established traders know this all too well: there is no pre-designed system that will work wonders for you. The only system that will work for you is…your own.

MetaStock encourages and allows you to use your own trading strategy, with consideration for your risk tolerances, instruments you prefer to trade, as well as your own personal goals.

Remember, MetaStock is not a ‘wonder-system’ – it’s the tool you need to help take your trading strategy to the next level.

2) Accessible On All Platforms

The free Metastock  download is designed for PC, yet is compatible in most virtual machines available on Mac or Linux systems. This means it doesn’t matter what kind of computer platform you’re using – MetaStock is accessible to you.

And because it’s so user-friendly, even if you only have the most basic computer skills, you’ll be able to spend more time trading the markets because you won’t be wasting all your time figuring out how to use it…

But if, for some reason, you have troubles running the free MetaStock download, the helpful support team is always available to you.

3) Professional Grade Tools

MetaStock is what professional traders use because it’s supported by the highest quality data feeds available from Thompson Reuters (the #1 financial data supplier in the world). This means you’ll the very same set of tools – that professional traders around the world have been using for years – at your disposal!  By accessing MetaStock’s pro tools, you’ll have the advantage over other traders using inferior programs.

When you’re trading, if you have trouble deciding on when to buy and sell, then it’s time you give this amazing software a try. Get your free MetaStock download today to see how it will help you make the right decisions when it counts most.

4) Smart Trading = Less Emotion

Successful traders stick to the rules, not their emotions, when trading.  And because MetaStock uses clear and clean data from reliable sources, you’ll be able to overcome emotional uncertainties about what you’re seeing on the charts, and can put your energy towards executing your trading strategy.

Start trading the right way today with Metastock. Get your free Metastock download here.