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Metastock DemoIf you’re a trader who does their analysis at the end of each day, then you’ll love the charting and technical analysis features available within the End Of Day MetaStock Demo.

Providing the right tools for trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities or indices, plus the tools to download the relevant data, MetaStock EOD makes light work of charting and analyzing the markets. In fact, 84% of our customer base have reported to us that they have had success using MetaStock software!

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MetaStock EOD is so successful because it’s been specifically designed (from the ground up!) for End Of Day Traders. The program encompasses everything you need to assess the market after close.  What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether you’re inexperienced or a trading pro, MetaStock’s setup can help you make the right decisions when it counts most.

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Charting and technical analysis applications are only really as good as the data supplied to it.  So, that’s why we recommend Reuters Datalink for MetaStock; because it’s powered by the largest provider of financial data, Thompson Reuters.

By using Reuters Datalink, the trading decisions you make can be done with the utmost confidence because you’re utilizing the right tools with the most reliable data on the planet.

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